Imperial Sunburst

Imperial Throneroom Banner
The Imperial Throneroom Banner

The symbol of the Third Imperium was established by Cleon I (the first emperor) when the empire was proclaimed. Images show him standing before the original banner with a golden yellow sunburst against a black background, representing Capital's type G star against dark space.

In 247, the Eliyoh (a nonhuman minor race) joined the Imperium. To that race the symbology was unimpressive. The Eliyoh vision centres in the far infrared, which results in the distinction between the official colours of yellow and black being impossible. So the Empress Porfiria declared that the symbol would have no official colour.

The original banner in the Imperial Throne Room is still black with a yellow sunburst. The Imperial Interstellar Scout Service uses a red sunburst; the Imperial Navy, yellow; the Imperial Army, black; the Imperial Marines, maroon.

(MT-PLAYERS, 1120)

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