Interface Lines

Where one territory ends and another begins, the special interface line meets the needs of the marketplace. Interface lines provide passenger and freight service across the border. They carefully maintain favor with both sides of the border, and sell as part of their product easy transit over the line.

The Vargr Extents are full of interface lines serving the many distinct Vargr territories. Interface lines operate along the Imperial border with the Aslan, they serve the interface with the K'kree, they even serve along the borders with the Solomani and the Zhodani.

Interface lines may serve routes either long or short. Some merely reach from a major world on one side of the border to a similar major world on the other side. Others (trading with the K'kree, for example) may operate a trade route as long as 75 or 100 parsecs in order to transport goods from one territory to another.

Examples of interface lines include Oberlindes Lines and Tyeyo Fteahrao Yolr.

(BOOK-7: p6, 1109)

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