Intelligent minor race native to Gaajpadje ( Ea / Reaver's Deep 1124). The J'aadje are small (with an average weight of 60kg), agile, golden-skinned bipeds.

Members of the race are peaceful and friendly to each other, and are likewise courteous to off-worlders.

J'aadje civilisation places little importance on technology, instead stressing art, poetry, and dance. Graceful and delicate art forms and workmanship of high commercial quality are the norm, fetching excellent prices among admiring off-world buyers.

The population is ruled by the Gaajpadet Oligarchs who rule the balkanised city-states of the J'aadje Nations. Tensions between the J'aadje and the K'Tring, a militaristic human race inhabiting the East Continent, continue to run high.

(DIGEST-16, 1119)

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