Intelligent sub-species of humaniti, currently native to Jonkeer ( Vincennes / Deneb 1324). The Jonkeereen are the products of extensive geneering by the Imperial Ministry of Colonisation . The project's goal was the creation of a human subspecies perfectly suited to life in a hostile desert environment. Begun five centuries ago, the project has proven successful. Over 400 million enhanced humans inhabit Jonkeer , and millions more live on desert planets throughout the Domain of Deneb and beyond.

The average Jonkeereen is tall, thin, and dark-skinned, much like human desert-dwellers throughout space. Thorough modifications have moved the Jonkeereen far from the human norm. A combination of genetic engineering and adaptive surgery aided the first Jonkeereen; later generations bred true to the Ministry 's specifications.

The Jonkeereen's adaptations are many. Protective membranes shield his eyes and ears from windblown sand. Changes to his metabolism allow survival on the scant resources of arid plains. A highly efficient perspiration system and a large body surface work to cool him in temperatures often exceeding 50 degrees C - far above human tolerance. His dark complexion shields him from the radiation of Jonkeer 's lurid red sun.

While the Jonkeereen have changed in form, their culture also changed. Their lifestyle is austere, and many visitors find the local customs harsh. Both conservatism and cooperation are basic traits of the Jonkeereen mindset. The Jonkeereen are no longer fully human, and this makes the typical Jonkeereen aloof, emotionally distant from their cousins.

The local Scout base is engaged in long-term observation of the Jonkeereen culture and its departure from human standards.

(HIWGj, 1120; SLD-DENEB, 1120)

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