Khu Su'ikh

Aslan sector-wide corporation , with a territory covering the Iiyoihuakh ( Riftspan Reaches ) sector.

Khu Su'ikh maintains a benevolent monopoly on rift passage service. Its fleet includes large cargo carriers capable of for the rift crossing, and it also provides navigational information for other ships crossing the rift. This even-handed treatment makes rift crossings relatively safe. The company makes its profit from repair and re-supply services on worlds within the Great Rift.

Soon after the jump-5 route was discovered in -1044, the Wahtoi clan staked a claim to many worlds in the sector. This led to the establishment of a trading company tied to the Wahtoi clan, which soon developed a monopoly on trade across the Great Rift. In about -750, however, the Aroaye'i clan established itself as the dominant clan on Aulryakh ( ????? / Riftspan Reaches 0507). This world is the route terminus in the Aslan trans-rift colonies. After several years of clan warfare, the Aroaye'i forced the Wahtoi clan to accept them in a partnership on the trade routes across the Rift. Over the years, the participation of Aroaye'i clan females has increased to the point that the two clans are now equal partners in ownership of Khu Su'ikh. The home port of the company is Wahtoikoeakh ( ????? / Riftspan Reaches 2936), the original home of the Wahtoi clan.

Khu Su'ikh means Five Shields in Trokh, and refers to the five major worlds along the route across the Great Rift.

(BOOK-7, 1107)

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