Large herbivorous grazers native to Prilissa ( Trin's Veil / Spinward Marches 3035). The kian (scientific name Pseudostruthio gigas) are large bipedal animals with long necks, short tails, and no other limbs. Their legs are powerfully muscled for fast movement over long distances. Hearing and eyesight are extremely good, reflecting their original predator-laden environment. Kian are thickly furred, their coats showing distinctive colour patterns of brown, gold, lemon-yellow, and black.

A closed circulatory system and a high metabolic rate requires that kian eat 30-50 kilograms of vegetable matter daily. The digestive system consists of two stomachs, which allow the animal to break down the toughest plant life into digestible matter. A thick layer of fat insulates in cooler climes, and protects from venomous bites or stings of some small animals.

Kian are plains dwellers, travelling in herds of 10 to 60. When attacked or frightened, kian will usually flee. If cornered, they can deliver deadly kicks with either hooved foot. The large claws projecting from the backs of the feet are present only in the male, and seem to be used solely for ritual combat between males before mating.

Due to their hardy nature, kian were exported as beasts of burden, and are now common in the coreward reaches, both domesticated and in the wild. The sturdiness of their overall frames has made them a frequent choice for use as mounts and pack animals. Kian can carry up to 250kg comfortably, and will refuse to move if overloaded. They cannot tolerate thin atmospheres, and require a special filter/muzzle (Cr50) for tainted atmospheres.

Classic Traveller Statistics and Rules
Number Animal Type Weight Hits Armour Wounds and Weapons
10-60 Grazer 400 kg 25/10 jack 10 Hooves A9 F4 S3

(JTAS-9, 1107)

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