Logo of NaasirkaImperial megacorporation.

Naasirka specializes in manufacturing complex electronic devices. These include robots, computers, and information storage and processing equipment, plus the associated software. It is the primary supplier of communication equipment to the Express Boat Service, a branch of the Communications Office of the IISS. Naasirka is also involved in transport operations, concentrated in the Imperium's rimward areas.

Naasirka is the largest robot manufacturer in the Imperium. Its robots rarely use innovative technology, but their aggressive marketing staff has placed more robots than either Makhidkarun or LSP, Naasirka's two largest competitors. Old Naasirka introduced the Rashush line of robots, the first non-military line, 200 years after the Rule of Man was established. It is still marketed today. Naasirka retails a standard model TL 15 servant robot with INT 5 and an EDU 1 for Cr77,500. Its useful life is 85 years.

Naasirka was a Vilani megacorporation, in business prior to the founding of the Sylean Federation . Beyond that, Naasirka has an uncertain lineage.

Interests: Information retrieval hardware and software, robots, electronics.

Home Port: Tauri ( Vland / Vland 1817).

Stock ownership: Imperial family, 5%; Igsiirdi family, 13%; Hortalez et Cie, 11%; investment trusts, 24%; noble families, 23%; other corporations, 14%; private, 11%.

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