Orbital Complexes

Highport Traffic (artist Jesse DeGraff; used with permission); click for larger imageOrbital complexes are large artificial satellites, capable of sustaining life. They range in size from single stations up to large, sprawling cities. Complexes can be joined in a daisy-chain arrangement, or simply a group of closely proximate individual complexes in the same orbit. Three general size catagories exist: orbital stations, orbital settlements, and orbital cities.

An orbital station is a single large satellite used as an orbital installation, with a permanent population in the tens. Often built as a modular unit, able to be expanded upon as necessary. Some standard station types include refuelling station, communications station, research station, fighter base, peace monitor, civilian transfer station (for personnel and/or cargo), or drydock control centre. Possible at TL 7.

An orbital settlement is an open-cycle orbital station with a permanent population in the hundreds. Possible at TL 8.

The largest of the orbital complexes, an orbital city is a closed-cycle orbital station with a permanent population in the thousands. Possible at TL 9.

(ADV-SHIP2, 1107; HIWGo, 1120)

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