The science of historical prediction and macro-social manipulation. The main thesis is that the actions of trillions of individuals take on a fluidity and predictability which can be compared to that of molecules in gas. The very size of the population being dealt with factors out individual peculiarities and allows the prediction of its behavior. With the ability to predict the reaction of a population to a particular stimulus, comes the ability to manipulate that population, psychohistorians reason.

Psychohistory began as a combination of public relations/advertising techniques and behavioral science. Although its techniques have been put on a more rigorous footing, the basic principles are still not well understood. A number of minor experiments have confirmed the general validity of the science, but it was also shown to be too expensive to be of any practical utility. Research continues at a small number of Imperial universities.

Restricted: The real reason large-scale psychohistory experiments no longer occur is due to the unpredictable results of the only sizable experiment to date, conducted as a part of the Psionics Suppressions. The unforeseen results of this were so far-reaching that Imperial scientists concluded that their knowledge of the principles involved was woefully inadequate, and that further study was required. Imperial research continues at a small number of strictly controlled research stations.

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