Ramscoop Jumpship, Exatar Project

A ramscoop jumpship is designed to gather interstellar hydrogen before and after a jump. In theory, if such a ship could operate efficiently, it would never need to refuel at a gas giant or starport and would have essentially limitless range. The ship's disadvantage is that it takes many weeks of constant acceleration on maneuver drives to gather enough hydrogen for a jump.

The best-known example is the experimental craft Exatar, designed in -248 by the Interstellar Confederacy (a rival to the Sylean Federation ). It was moderately successful in tests in and around Confederacy space, and two more ships, the Macnamara and Esdyla were started in -241. Unfortunately, the building yards on the moon of of Sketola ( Bunkeria / Core 0622) were captured during the first stages of the Civil War of the Interstellar Confederacy , and the rebels destroyed the two new ships in their yards. The Exatar was captured intact by the rebels and used as a spyship throughout the conflict; it was decommissioned shortly after the war ended.

(DIGEST-9, 1116)

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