Rocky Horror

A dramatic form originating on Terra ( Sol / Solomani Rim 1827), shortly before contact with the First Imperium (see also Shakespeare, William and wrestling, professional). It is one of the few surviving examples of the ancient form known as the "passion play," depicting the suffering, death, and final ascension of a religious figure (the Frank). Performances of Rocky Horror are noted for their solemn ritual and high degree of audience participation; as the performers speak their lines, the congregation recite their own liturgy and, at the appropriate points in the ceremony, throw or consume token amounts of various substances.

Variations on the form include dividing the audience into the Chorus (who speak the liturgy) and the Thrower (who is the only one allowed to handle the ritual substances); selecting members of the congregation before each performance for secondary roles such as the Brad or the Magenta, usually by random lot; and, in a few of the most radical sects, allowing audience members to improvise their own additions to the liturgy.

Followers of this art form guard it jealously. It has been reported that at least one avant-garde artist was lynched by the faithful for staging a technically accurate performance of Rocky Horror using only TL8 low-data dumbots.

(Kelly St.Clair, TML digest #109, 2006)

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