Sulieman-class Type-S Scout/Courier orbiting a gas giant (artist Jesse DeGraff, used with permission); click for larger imageOne of the most commonly encountered ship types in the Imperium is the Type-S scout/courier. Its basic design has remained unchanged for the past century, as the ship is extremely suited to its job as message carrier for the Imperium. Where the xboats don't travel, the scout/couriers must. Even after a long useful life in scout service, the type-S continues to serve on detached duty with retired or ex-Scout personnel.

Estimates of the numbers of scout/couriers in service are arbitrary, as they must work from the counts of those in service, and extrapolate to cover surplus, detached, and foreign scout/couriers; the count ranges from 15,000 to 30,000 in the Imperium, and around 1,000 in the Spinward Marches.

Tough and reliable, the scout/courier is an excellent light travel ship. Commissioned by the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service and designed for exploration, survey, and courier work, it might never be replaced as the best ship for its purpose.

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