Shionthy ( Regina / Spinward Marches 2306) is an interdicted system which has an asteroid belt as its "mainworld". The system has a gas giant, and ships are allowed to refuel and leave the system. Faint radio signals, transmitted by warning beacons, may be used by vessels to navigate to the central populated area in the belt.

The asteroid belt is partly composed of contra-terrene matter. Contact with a particle of such matter will result in the total conversion of the contra-terrene matter and an equal amount of normal matter to energy.

Automated interdiction satellites continually broadcast a message stating that the system is interdicted and dangerous.

UPP: X-000742-8    R G.

MegaTraveller Task Rolls

To avoid contacting a particle of contra-terrene matter:
Simple, Pilot, Sensor Ops, 10 mins (hazardous, fateful).
If this roll fails, the resulting explosion will disable some critical function of the ship, requiring repairs. Suggested damage results include life support, computer, communications, or sensors.
The time increment represents how long before another check must be made; therefore, add skill bonuses to the time.

(ADV-1, 1105)

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