Intelligent minor race native to Shvreeyiyi (formerly 567-908) ( District 268 / Spinward Marches 1031).

The Shriekers are a pseudo-mammalian race with four pairs of limbs and three pairs of eyes. Each pair of eyes is specialised for a different area of sight: distant sight, near sight (less than 1 meter), and infrared sight. One pair of limbs are used as hands ("manipulators"), and the other three pairs are used for locomotion. However, these limbs are short and the Shriekers can only move relatively slowly. The Shriekers have therefore developed a prosthetic device known as "walking legs". These legs are essentially jointed stilts, harnessed to the six walking limbs, that raise the Shriekers above the ground to allow more rapid travel. Since use of these stilts requires a surgical modification to the limb joints, these Shriekers are permanently crippled if their walking legs are taken from them. However, Shriekers skilled with these legs are able to perform any and all activities without removing them.

Shriekers reproduce sexually via sacs of eggs which are protected and fertilised outside of the body, one at a time. These unfertilised eggs are known to Imperials unaware of their actual nature as "Denuli gems" and can fetch as much as Cr10,000 each. However, Shriekers will not permit such use of their unborn offspring.

(TNE-RSB: p81, 1202)

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