Shudusham Robotics Conference

In 404, a group of roboticists met at Shudusham ( Core / Core 2214) to share their latest technological breakthroughs. Shudusham was chosen as the site because of its historical significance (SEE Shudusham Concords) and central location. The conference was a success; so much so, in fact, that the Shudusham Robotics Conference has continued to meet every ten years. Roboticists , manufacturers, heavy robot users, journalists, and other interested parties are drawn from all over explored space to attend a portion of the one-year conference. The last conference was in 1103; the next is due in 1113.

The Karrigashu Undersea Habitat is used only to host the conference. It can support 300,000 people. About 250,000 of the 400,000 attendees are present at any time. Its Robotics Museum, library, and laboratory are popular with attendees.

(BOOK-8: p7, 1109; HIWGs, 1120)

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