Spinward Main

Within the Spinward Marches, the Spinward Main is a remarkable grouping of 242 star systems in 16 subsectors (15 of the 16 Spinward Marches subsectors plus Pretoria (subsector A of Deneb), each within jump-1 of another. Together, this grouping forms a corridor of jump points (a jump route ) which allows simple jump-1 starships to travel every subsector within the Marches, with the exception of Trin's Veil.

The Spinward Main is not only a primary network of current trade, but it was also a major mechanism of the Imperial settlement of the sector. The settlement of Mora ( Mora / Spinward Marches 3124), located at the trailing end of the Spinward Main in year 60 opened this jump-1 highway to exploitation by inexpensive jump-1 free traders. In only 15 years worlds as far away as Regina ( Regina / Spinward Marches 1910) had been settled, and Imperial development of the sector was off to a running start which would not be challenged for almost another five centuries.

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