Superdense, Bonded SD, Coherent SD

A form of armor protection, superdense (SD) refers to a material that has had its molecular structure partially collapsed in a massive artificial gravity field (such as might be encountered in a white dwarf star), which increases its density and strength. Superdense becomes available at TL 12, and usually supplants previous materials used to armor starships and tanks.

Bonded superdense (BSD) is an improved form of superdense armor, with a small induced electronic current to strengthen the internal electron bonds which further increases strength. BSD provides the protection of SD for approximately half the weight, and becomes available at TL 14.

A theoretical further enhancement of superdense is coherent superdense, where bonded superdense armor is dynamically manipulated by input from the sensors and the computer so as to polarize the subatomic forces in the material's molecules, thereby presenting maximum penetration resistance to a specific striking force. Although experiments in this field are continuing, it is beyond the reach of current Imperial technology, and is postulated as being available at TL 17.

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