Literally meaning "Guardians of Our Morality", the Tavrchedl' are the Zhodani "Thought Police".

The infamous Thought Police are a branch of the Zhodani government charged with maintaining right thought by the population. Primarily an internal attitude and security police, their responsibility is internal order within the Zhodani Consulate. Effectively they operate as a secret police force constantly spying on the population with psionics. Their mission is to catch anyone who is discontent with the system, their lot in life, or their superiors, and to brainwash them into acceptance of the system. This brainwashing is known as re-education.

The Tavrchedl' are also charged with locating and removing agents of external powers from the Zhodani Consulate.

During the Frontier Wars, the Thought Police are responsible for the administration of occupied Imperial worlds. The military government is concerned primarily with maintaining a safe and docile population, and proven methods of achieving such a condition include some brutal exploits to prove they are serious, followed by inclusion of locals into the governing process. The people that are included often receive a quick re-education and then take their position with sincerity and dedication to the Zhodani cause. To the rest of the population, the individual appears to be brainwashed or coerced.

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