Teahleikhoi Aslan (taken from Aslan Mercenary Ships Book 2, artist William H. Keith, Jr., used with permission); click for larger versionFamous Aslan mercenary regiment based in the Reavers' Deep sector. The name Teahleikhoi can be translated as "Soldiers of the Falling Night", "Knights of the Setting Sun", or "Warriors of the Evening Star".

Organized and operated as a regiment based in the Uhtaa subsector of Reavers' Deep, the Teahleikhoi regiment is fairly typical of mercenary units that are found in the Hierate. The corporation controlling the unit was organized some 150 years ago by an unmarried female of the Iyhlua clan, and has maintained continuity through a series of handpicked successors to this day. The current owner, Iyhli, is a distant relative of the founder. Like all of the corporation's senior executives, she will hold her post until she dies or is married; at that time, her own chosen suc­cessor will take charge of the business.

The regiment proper is set up to handle a variety of situations and circumstances, from formal clan wars within the Hierate to operations without rules cutside the Aslan sphere of influence. Ships supplied by Larleaftea Hryawaorwya, the prominent shipbuilding firm, are essential to the unit's operations, giving the regiment flexible interstellar mobility, and control and support at the scene of battle.

The regiment can mount operations of any size that may be required, from actions involving a single company up to the commitment of the entire regiment. There are thirteen ships available to the unit: nine 3000-ton Eiaikeiar (Hero)-class Intruder Transports for company-level transportation, three 3000-ton Tleiatre (Warlord)-class Battle Leaders for command and control purposes, and a large regimental command ship of 5,000 tons equipped to co­ordinate large-scale operations. This last ship can carry a small fighter squadron, and transports various other support units as required when the regiment as a whole is committed in combat.

The regiment is typical for this size of Aslan mercenary force, though there are many variations from one unit to the next. Even the composition of the Teahleikhoi regiment itself has varied in the past, as it has adapted to a variety of changing circumstances. Through it all, though, one essential fact has remained unchanged. The regiment is still Teahleikhoi, with history, traditions, and honor unchanged over a century and a half of warfare in and out of the Hierate. That fact is a proud tradition for the soldiers of the regiment to bear.

(ASMERC-2: p4, 1107)

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