An interface line operating between the Aslan Hierate and worlds in Reavers' Deep sector, this merchant corporation is controlled by the Yehaso clan, a strong Aslan group on Roaa ( Uhtaa / Reavers' Deep 0237).

Tlasayerlaahel is a powerful company with many interests in the Deep, among them the tlaospice trade with Roakhoi ( Ea / Reavers' Deep 1224), the rithscent trade with Htalrea ( Ea / Reavers' Deep 1226), and some commercial contact with the natives of Gaajpadge ( Ea / Reavers' Deep 1124), from whom glasswares and other objects d'art are obtained.

Tlaserlaahel is currently engaged in stiff economic competition with the human merchants of Caledon Ventures, Ltd.

(FT-1, 1107)

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