Vargr Extents

The regions inhabited by the Vargr, generally to coreward of the Imperium. Vargr are a far-flung race of intelligent aliens, although genetically derived from carnivore/chaser stock. The Vargr are, by nature, pack animals, but continuing rivalry between the various established packs has made a united Vargr empire impossible.

Every conceivable form of governmental organisation can be found somewhere in the Vargr Extents - often more than one exists on the same world. The only cohesive force in the Extents is a fierce racial pride, which can cause a slight tendency toward racial cooperation. Vargr have long suffered from an inability to organise themselves (to any degree or for any length of time) beyond the star system level, and their empires rise and fall with unsurprising regularity.

(SUPP-3, 1105; ALIENS-3, 1111)

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