General name given to the original colonists who settled much of the Far Frontiers region. Their origins are obscure, but they are believed to have been a minor race of humaniti flourishing in the Afachtiabr sector some 6000 years ago, during the early period of Zhodani interstellar expansion. The race absorbed a great deal of culture and technology from the Zhodani. They founded a wide-spread mercantile and commercial empire that included the Far Frontiers sector.

Zhodani absorption of the Vlazhdumecta homeworlds triggered the breakdown of their interstellar civilization. Far from being self-sufficient, most of their colonies lapsed into barbarism. Few ever recovered.

Vlazhdumecta composed the basic population of most settled Far Frontiers worlds until settlers from the Third Imperium came 800-900 years ago. Except for certain anomalies, no trace of Vilani / Solomani orientation or influence appeared in the Far Frontiers until then.

(HIWGv, 1120)

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