The Emperors' List

Here follows a list of the rulers of the Third Imperium:

Zhunastu Dynasty
Cleon I 0-53 Moot Death
Cleon II (The Weak) 53-54 Moot Abdication
Lentuli Dynasty
Artemsus 54-166 Moot Death
Martin I 166-195 Moot Death
Martin II 195-244 Moot Death
2nd Zhunastu Dynasty
Cleon III (The Mad) 244-245 Moot Assassination
2nd Lentuli Dynasty
Porfiria 245-326 Moot, by right of assassination Death
Anguistus 326-365 Moot Death
Martin III 365-456 Moot Air/raft crash
[ Martin IV never died prior to his father, Martin III ]
Martin V 456-457 Moot Death
Nicholle 457-475 Moot Assassination
Non-Dynastic Emperors
Cleon IV 475-555 Moot, forced Assassination
Jerome 555-582 Moot, elected Assassination
Jaqueline I 582-606 Moot, elected Assassination
Emperors of the Flag
Olav 606-609 Self, by right of fleet control Death in battle
Ramon I 609-609 Moot, elected Assassination
Constantus 609-610 Self, by assassination Death in battle
Nicolai 610-612 Moot, after battle Assassination
George 612-613 Self, by assassination Murder
vars (Imp. Bureacracy) 613-615 ---- -----
Cleon V 615-618 Moot, after battle Death in battle
Joseph 618-618 Moot, after battle Death in battle
Donald 618-618 Self, after battle Assassination
Emdiri 618-619 Self, by assassination Murder
Catharine 619-619 Moot Murder
Ramon II 619-619 Moot Death in battle
Jaqueline II 619-619 Moot, after battle Death in battle
Usuti 619-620 Moot, after battle Death in battle
Marava 620-620 Moot, after battle Death in battle
Ivan 620-621 Moot, after battle Death in battle
Martin VI 621-621 Moot, after battle Murder
Gustus 621-622 Moot Death in battle
Arbellatra (Regent) 622-629 Moot, after battle Proclamation
The Alkhalikoi Dynasty
Arbellatra (Empress) 629-666 Moot Death
Zhakirov 666-688 Moot Death
Margaret I 688-736 Moot Tunnel cave-in
Paulo I 736-767 Moot Death
Tomutov I 767-768 Moot Abdication
Paula II 768-836 Moot Death
Tomutova II 836-908 Moot Death
Margaret II 908-945 Moot Death
Styryx 945-989 Moot Abdication
Gavin 989-1031 Moot Death
Paulo III 1031-1071 Moot Death
Strephon 1071-present Moot currently reigning

(SUPP-8, 1107)

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