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4. Marc Miller's Traveller (aka "T4")


Book 1: Marc Miller's Traveller (T4BOOK1)
Foundations of the Traveller universe, role-playing, character generation, skills, task resolution, ground combat, equipment, surface vehicles, starships, space travel, space combat, psionics, world generation, encounters, referee's notes, running games, trade and commerce, Exit Visa (scenario), Rubicon Cross (scenario), Core subsector (incorrect), and brief Library Data.
Published by Imperium Games, 1996. Current to 0 - 1201+ Imperial.
Book 7: Emperor's Arsenal (T4BOOK7)
Imperial procurement practices, new weapon rules, weapons from TL 0 to TL 16+, weapon technologies, tactical roles of weapons, chemical and nuclear weapons, and ammunition costs.
Published by Imperium Games, 1997. Current to 0 - 1201+ Imperial.

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