Five Sisters Subsector

Map of Five Sisters subsector, c.1107 (image produced by the Galactic 2.4 program written by Jim Vassilakos)Originally known to the Imperium as District 267 (see District 268), this subsector (subsector M of the Spinward Marches) owes its name to the merchant captain Ignaz Ruffleran , who was the first Imperial to explore this area. He found a cluster of five habitable worlds which he laid claim to and named for his daughters: Mirriam (0333), Jone (0433), Ucella (0532), Penelope (0533), and Karin (0534). These five sisters and their sister worlds gave the subsector its name.

Separated from the contiguous Imperium by nearly 10 parsecs at its closest, this region is accessible only via a long communications link passing through the fortified world of Flammarion ( Sword Worlds / Spinward Marches 0930).

The Five Sisters subsector is only sparsely settled, and depends upon Imperial payrolls for most of its internal economy. Some colonisation attempts were begun under the auspices of Emperor Paulo I in 740, but all developmental activity was cut short with the start of the Psionic Suppressions of 800. The region has been under naval administration since, more out of necessity as part of the naval defense unbrella. The various frontier wars made it clear that major Imperial development would not be practical in this area.

The xboat route continues from Raweh to Methuselah ( Urnian / Foreven 3210 A874228-A-2) to Vrel D'Vargr ( Mal'Gnar Radiant / Beyond 3201 C766120-8-S).

The Five Sisters subsector is under Imperial Naval administration; unclassified releases state that the subsector contains 27 worlds with a population of 1.845 billion. The highest population is at 8, at Mirriam ; the highest tech level is C, at the naval bases at Karin and Iderati .

(SUPP-3: p10, 1105)

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