District 268 Subsector

Map of District 268 subsector, c.1107 (image produced by the Galactic 2.4 program written by Jim Vassilakos)District 268 is an undeveloped region which does not yet enjoy membership in the Imperium, although Imperial protection is available to the worlds and peoples who inhabit the region. This is part of the Imperial policy of formally identifying unincorporated subsectors along its border as potential sites for expansion. This identification resulted in their designation as districts; District 268 was therefore the 268th sequentially designated district since the foundation of this policy. District 268 was opened for Imperial development in 941 by the decree of Empress Margaret II .

The center for administration of Imperial activities in District 268 is Glisten ( Glisten / Spinward Marches 2036), although a token capital is maintained at Mertactor (1537).

District 268 is a much more developed area than might be expected for a non-aligned buffer zone. For instance, it is more developed than the neighbouring Five Sisters, despite the latter being Imperial. Much of the reason for this is the presence of a major branch of the Spinward Main, toughing all but two systems of the subsector. In fact, all jump-1 contact with the major world of Glisten ( Glisten / Spinward Marches 2036) has to pass through the district, with the result that a vigorous economy has developed over the centuries to support this trade. Major trade worlds along the jump-1 route include Collace (1237), an industrial world specializing in low-cost, high technology trade goods, Forine (1533), an industrial world specializing in exportable electronic components, and Tarkine (1434), an agricultural world that produces a wide variety of exotic spices and plant extracts.

In addition, Collace is the site of one of several Imperial scout bases in the district. Application has been made for membership in the Imperium, which is pending.

District 268 contains 32 worlds with a population totalling 2.456 billion. The highest population level is 9, at Collace; the highest tech level is D, also at Collace.

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