Lanth Subsector

Map of Lanth subsector, c.1107 (image produced by the Galactic 2.4 program written by Jim Vassilakos)The Lanth subsector is an unusual rift province. Rather than being scattered across the subsector, the majority of its worlds are situated in a trailing crescent around the edge of the rift. This means that although perched on the edge of the so-called Abyss rift, a major impedimant to interstellar travel, its coreward and trailing borders constitute two main branches of the most important communications network of the sector: the Spinward Main, making it a transport nexus.

Its major communications route crosses the rift and provides the only link with the Regina, Vilis, and Jewell subsectors.

Tureded, a small agricultural world, has recently become of increasing importance as a trade and shipping centre because it lies on the Spinward Main at a junction for jump-1 travel from rimward to the Regina, Jewell, and Rhylanor subsectors. It is expected that Tureded will be upgraded to a class B starport within the next decade. The Scout Service is currently negotiating the establishment of a Scout base, with the apparent intention of an xboat link from Rhylanor to Dinomn and Regina.

The Lanth subsector contains 27 worlds with a population of 3.358 billion. The highest population is 8, at Extolay (1711), Treece (2311), and Equus (2417); the highest tech level is D, at D'Ganzio (1920).

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