Lunion Subsector

Map of Lunion subsector, c.1107 (image produced by the Galactic 2.4 program written by Jim Vassilakos)The Lunion subsector is known as the "crossroads of the Marches", as the branches of the Spinward Main running coreward-rimward and spinward-trailing intersect here. Lunion is the Imperial jumping-off point for the Five Sisters subsector, as well as the major trade connection with the Sword Worlds.

The Ling Standard Products shipyards at Lunion (2124) and Strouden (2327) are two of the most important industrial worlds in the sector, being the major shipbuilding points within the entire Spinward Marches. The excellent workmanship, combined with level D technology, makes LSP products highly sought after.

The asteroid belt at Zaibon (1825) was once the largest deposit of copper on record, but the lode has dwindled to virtually nothing, and the facilities are deteriorating.

Wardn (1727) is a small world notable primarily for its intricate patterns carved in its desert plains. One hypothesis holds the runes are marks left by anerobic life, while another claims that they are artifact results of an ancient culture.

The government on Quiru (2321) is a military junta which is the result of a mercenary operation. Imperial force has not yet been brought to bear.

The Lunion subsector contains 25 worlds with a total population of 24.41 billion. The highest population level is 9, at Lunion (2124) and Strouden (2327); the highest tech level is E, at Tenalphi (1826).

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