Trin's Veil Subsector

Map of Trin's Veil subsector, c.1107 (image produced by the Galactic 2.4 program written by Jim Vassilakos)The Trin's Veil subsector takes its name from the nighttime view on Trin (3235) - a veil of highly reflective debris, the fragments of a shattered moon, which makes much of the evening and early morning on Trin (3235) a bright twilight.

The desert world of Thisbe (2539) has undertaken a long-term project to divert large numbers of frozen water and gas asteroids from the Thisben belt to the planetary surface; the intention is an improved atmosphere and hydrographic percentage. This is being run by Sharurshid under contract from the Imperial Ministry of Conservation.

The Trin's Veil subsector contains 32 worlds with a population of 111.3 billion. The highest population is A, at Trin (3235); the highest tech level is F, also at Trin (3235).

(SUPP-3: p34, 1105; TNE-RSB: p51, 1202)

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