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Last Updated 6 January 2005.

You have reached the favourite jump destinations of the Port Director. Please note that the reliability of these navigation routes is variable, and subject to change without notice. The traveller has been warned!

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C&MA Logo "The Christian and Missionary Alliance"
     National C&MA (Australia) site.
"Tuggeranong Alliance Church"
     The local church I attend, located in Calwell, ACT, Australia.
"Into the Wardrobe: The C. S. Lewis Web Site"
Brilliant and extensive coverage of C. S. Lewis, author of the Narnian Chronicles.
"Christian Jokes"
Jokes for and about Christianity.
"PastorNET's Australian Christian Home Page"
Links to many Christian groups in Oz.
Rhema Logo "Radio Rhema Home Page"
     Christian radio in Canberra, Australia.
"SCCCS and Covenant Media Foundation"
Southern California Center for Christian Studies.
Eternity - Arthur Stace's trademark
"HOH eternity"
The story of Arthur Stace, self-confessed petty criminal, bum, and metho drinker, who was saved at 46 and became "Mr Eternity".


The Ages of Myst "MYST - The Ages I Write"
     "The best source on the Internet for Myst fonts"
     (self-proclaimed, but reasonably valid!).

Friends and Family

"Bo Derek's Home Page"
My father's web site!

"Da Boyz"
"The Bush Telegraph"
Ian "Elron" Brien, one of "Da Boyz".
"Clan Phoenix - Entrance Foyer"
"Da Boyz" Own Quake Clan, maintained by Michael "Ervmisbe" Traun.
"Simple Solutions Computer Consulting"
Phil "9-BEN-CADE" Harvey's own computer consulting firm.

Tuggeranong Alliance Church Members
"The Canberra Couple"
Tyson and Dina Ackland.
Super-T's Home Page, home to Trent Donohoo.

Ex-Roseville Fellowshippers
"David Scott's Home Page"
One of the ex-Roseville Fellowshippers Of The Early Eighties.


"Air Force Space Command Doctrine"
USAF Space Command: "Battle Staff Operations", "Space and Missile Crew Force Management" and "Ground Based Missile Warning Sensor Operations" links.


"The AFU & Urban Legends Archive"
Before you send around the "rocket-powered car" or the "boy who wants postcards to get into the Guinness Book of Records" for the fiftieth time, pause here for a reality check!
"Old Sword-Play"
The first half of Captain Alfred Hutton's "Old Sword-Play" dating from the Victorian era. Includes the Two-Hand Sword, Rapier and Dagger, Broadsword and Buckler, Rapier and Cloak, Dagger and Cloak, The Case of Rapiers, The Transition Period (Under Construction), and The Eighteenth Century (currently needs pictures scanned). Includes woodblock illustrations throughout.

On-Line Shops

"Cyber City Software, Inc."
Computer software seller. I ordered Sierra's Complete Home 3D Design from them on 3 Feb 2003, and it arrived at my local post office on 13 Feb 2003 - that's a 10-day turnaround time from the US to Australia! Order from them - they're quick!!


"Christmusic: MIDI hymns and worship songs"
Ancient and modern MIDI hymns.
"Steven's classical and game music"
A source of background music for RPG's.


"I come from the 'net..."
Great page covering Reboot, a Canadian computer-generated cartoon.
"The ReBoot Home Page"
Another Reboot page.
"Yahoo! Search Results"
Search Results for Reboot.


"Can Do"NEW!
Handyman "how-to" booklets from PlaceMakers in NZ.
British Library home page.
"The British Monarchy"
The official home page of QE2, et al!

RPG's and Computer Games

"Bill Gates Grants Self 18 Dexterity, 20 Charisma"
Bill as a player character...
"Blue Troll's Netbooks Web Page"
Yep, the Great Netbook project for that game.
The US Marines play Doom?! Well, why not - Co-operative Mode demonstrates the event of surprise, the workings of ambushes, and the negative effects of friendly fire, all in a safe, comfortable environment... ;-)
"RPGnet - the Inside Scoop on Gaming"
The RPG Network.
"The Great RPG Archive (DreamScape)"
It's all here.
"Wizards of the Coast"
Official web site of the new owners of Dungeons and Dragons.
Roleplaying on the Web.
"Welcome [The Midnight Paladin]"
Very nice RPG page, with interesting pics.
Irony Games' World Maker - create fantasy worlds instantly!
"Yahoo! - Recreation:Games:Computer Games:Genres:Action:3D Games:Titles:Doom"
Search results for Doom.
"What Quake Monster Am I?"
Take the test now! Here's my result:
I'm A Shalrath! Take the 'What Quake monster am I?' test!

Science and Technology

"What is Gravity Probe B?"
Gravity Probe B - a cool experiment.
"Cold Fusion Technology" and
"John Logajan's Skypoint Home Page"
References for both Hot and Cold Fusion.
"Federation of American Scientists"
Science pages.
"The Local Interstellar Medium"
Real maps of the Milky Way Galaxy.
3D star viewer.
"J-Track 3D"
This site is truly amazing... A must see!
The Java applet on this site takes an eternity to load but it is worth the wait. It shows every satellite above the earth (and some inside it strangely enough) and it's orbit, it's ground path, it's velocity, altitude, position, etc.
All in an amazing 3D rotatable image of the earth in space.
"Royal Greenwich Observatory"
"At the third stroke, the time will be..."
"The Year 2000 Information Centre"
The site for the Year 2000 problem!

Science Fiction

"60's Anime"
Glen Johnson's excellent site about 60's anime. Reminisce not only about the famous cartoon shows - ie. Kimba, Astroboy - but also those more obscure ones such as The Amazing 3, Prince Planet, Marine Boy, Tobor the 8th Man and the live-action Phantom Agents! It even includes theme tunes for all of the above!!
"Sci-Fi Hollywood"
Online gallery of science fiction props.
A site dedicated to collecting used Hollywood movie props, run by "Mr Movieprop" himself, Mark Crawley. Price guides, locations of display props, and more. Also view Mark's own collection, including weapons from "V", "Last of the Moccassins", "Wing Commander IV", etc.

Theatres & Cinemas

"Welcome to Hoyts Cinemas! Movies, Films, Cinemas"
Hoyts Cinemas - session times.


CPSU Logo "CPSU, the Community & Public Sector Union ~ main page"
     My union.
Public Service and Merit Protection Commission (PSMPC) outsourcing guidelines. Good luck!

Where the Money Goes

"ACTEW Corporation"
Electricity, water, and sewerage rates for the ACT.
Suppliers of mains gas.
"CPS Credit Union: Where People Profit"
Canberra's local credit union.

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