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Last Updated 24 April 1999.

Who Am I?

My real name is David Jaques-Watson. Here I am with my wife Leanne.
David and Leanne at a picnic

I am a computer programmer at Centrelink, and live in Canberra, ACT, Australia (see the Parliamentary Triangle below, viewed from Mt Ainslie). On the centreline from top to bottom, you can see new Parliament House, old Parliament House, Lake Burley Griffin, Anzac Parade, and finally the War Memorial at the bottom. On the immediate far shore of the lake, left to right, are the sprawling National Art Gallery, the chunky High Court, the Science and Technology Centre (Questacon) in white, and the columnar National Library. The picture is only spoilt by some goose burning off in the middle of the shot!
View of Parliamentary Triangle, Canberra

I married the lovely Leanne Blowers on 18 February 1995. In the background are Brigitta Rayment (matron of honour) and Michael Traun (best man), who has his own pages!
Our Wedding

We have two children, the first being Emma Elizabeth, born at 11:24pm on 12 March 1996. Here she is in June 1997, aged 15 months.
Emma Elizabeth

Our second child is James Alan, born at 8:12 am on 6 March 1999. This shows him on the afternoon of his birth, along with tired but happy Mum and ecstatic big 3 y.o. sister!

James Alan

If you like, you can send mail to me!

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