Our Children

Last Updated 31 October 2000.

Emma Elizabeth

Em is our first child, born at 11:24 pm on 12 March 1996 (7lb). Here she is in June 1997, aged 15 months.
Emma Elizabeth, 15 months

James Alan

Our second child is James, born at 8:12 am on 6 March 1999 (8lb 3oz). This shows him on the afternoon of his birth, along with tired but happy Mum and ecstatic big 3 y.o. sister!
James Alan, day 1

Robert Edward

Robbie is our most recent bub, born at 4:25 pm on 15 August 2000 (7lb 6oz), only 11 weeks ago as I write. Here he is on the day after, all clean after his bath!
Robert Edward, day 2

Here's Emma and James at the hospital, taken on their second visit to Robbie (same time as the previous picture).

Emma and James visiting Robbie

If you like, you can send mail to them!

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