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Last Updated 24 November 2020.

"I file things in historical order, with a hashing algorithm of gravity".***

Hello and welcome to my personal page! I hope you enjoy your stay at Tavonni, and enjoy browsing information relevant to the traveller.

This Is Me

"My Wife and I"
Some background info, and photos of myself and my wife (277K).
"Our Children"
Some info and photos of our kids (342K).
"Hyphen's Resume"
For anyone interested, here is my resume.
"My Tagline"
A brief explanation of my tagline!
Contact Me!
Use this to send an xboat message to the Port Director, Hyphen.

Other Items of Interest

"We have many Paths but just One Way"
A poem by Andrew Clucas, read aloud to the Icthus Christian fellowship at Charles Sturt University – Mitchell upon completing university in 1990.
"my country 'tis of thee"
No, I'm not Singaporean, but this is something funny I snipped out of an old Singapore Airlines in-flight magazine years ago.
"Smoke from Canberra Fires, Jan 2003"
NASA image of the Canberra bushfires. A good way of seeing why it was so dark, even on the coast!
"Canberra Fires, Jan 2003 - Before and After"
Landsat images of Canberra and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), showing the area before (7 Nov 2002) and after (26 Jan 2003) the January 2003 bushfires. I've annotated it with rough pointers showing where Stromlo Observatory (burnt), Tidbinbilla Tracking Station (OK, just), my work (OK, just), and my home (OK) are located. Lakes are dark blue/black, vegetation is various shades of green, and the kind-of speckled-green is Canberra's urban area. Burnt vegetation is red, and you can still see the smoke from the fires to the south.
"18 Jan 2003 - Canberra firestorm photos (photo gallery by Simon Bennett)"
"Canberra's Bushfire Photos"
Other pictures of the Canberra bushfires.
"Problem Statement for Data Governance, a reply to John Eisenhauer"New Link!
Data governance, in the form of a classic problem statement.

***[A mate of mine reckons he uses chaos theory, with a strange attractor of WPB.]

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