We have many Paths but just One Way

Last Updated 12 August 2002.

Three years together —
It seemed like a lifetime!

A family who've loved and laughed together,
Cried a few tears, and known the same pains.
Now to part is the greatest of sadnesses,
A heartbreak to lose such dear friends.

No! Not friends: brothers! sisters! every one.
Together under Him we are more than a family,
And this parting is not forever,
Though it may be for a lifetime.

Be assured, one and all, when we meet again
It will be the best of reunions.
But for now, goodbye - and God be with you
May your new life be rewarding and happy.

We will never forget you, nor you us...
Remember your time here as a beginning in your life,
A turning-point.

This is only the Beginning;
So goodbye, until the End.

written by Andrew Clucas;
read aloud to the
Icthus Christian fellowship
Charles Sturt University - Mitchell,
upon completing university in 1990.

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