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Personal Details

P.O. Box 1719, Tuggeranong, ACT, 2901
W: (02) 6244-6956 H: (02) 6294-6299
Date Of Birth:
11 June 1965
Substantive Level:
Actual Level:


Bachelor of Business (Computing and Management Information Systems), Charles Sturt University - Mitchell.

Continuing Education and Training

Technical Expertise

Lotus Millennium Suite, MS Office Suite 97,
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Homesite 2.5, Paintshop Pro 4.0,
Function Point Workbench, Visual Basic, Prima Vera (Suretrak),
Basic M204 (Concepts, User Language, Data Dictionary, Standard Shell),
ISPF/PDF, ISPF Dialogs (skeletons, tables, panels, messages), Omega PDS, SPA, DCF Script, GML,
Microsoft DOS 5.0, 6.2,
Microsoft Windows 3.1; Windows For Workgroups 3.11; MS Windows 95, MS Windows NT 4.0,
Microsoft Word 2.0, 6.0, 97; Microsoft Excel 4.0, 97; Microsoft Project 3.0,
AmiPro 3.0, 3.1; Lotus 1-2-3 Release 5 for Windows,
ABC Flowcharter 1.13, 2.0,
Amdahl 5990, 386SX-16, 486DX-25, 486DX2-66, Pentium 133/166, Amiga 500, 2000

Professional Experience

From April 1998: Team Leader, SITOGC, Employment Systems Development (Newstart), Centrelink

Investigate data integrity problems within the system. Define parameters for data integrity reporting.

Maintain the CBA-Centrelink interface for the Financial Supplement Loan. Write and maintain system documentation, including contingency plans. Liaise with external organisations (CBA, RBA, DEETYA/DETYA, DFaCS) in order to co-ordinate their activities regarding the interface. Assist with Y2K testing of the interface.

Create section plans as part of the section management team. Contribute to the section quality plan and section planning workshops. Contributed ideas and planning to the IT Staff Focus Group and the IT People Management Strategy workshop. Participated in the section planning day. Co-wrote the resultant summary and key actions paper, collating and reworking the ideas generated on the day. Organised section functions.

Designed and built the original CBA-DEETYA-Centrelink interface for the Financial Supplement Loan. Modified the interface to a direct logical link between CBA-Centrelink, removing DEETYA. Assigned maintenance tasks to team members.

Documented the core COBOL code for the section. Co-ordinated the roll-out of Windows NT to the branch as Workgroup Co-ordinator. Evaluated section software for functionality and usability.

May 1997 - April 1998: Function Point Analyst, SITOGC, Innovations Theme Team (Concept R&D), Centrelink

Performed Function Point counts on application systems. Liaised with other sections to perform FP counts. Reviewed FP counts performed by other team members. Analysed FP counts to provide feedback to programming teams and statistical data to management. Liaised between external FP counters and internal sections in order to undertake some quick counts of large systems.

Represented Centrelink at ACOSM97. Evaluated hardware and software for usability. Participated in branch focus group workshops, particularly in regard to staff OH&S issues. Organised branch functions.

Feb 1996 - May 1997: Team Leader, a/g SITOGC (confirmed April 1997), Payments Section, Application Services Division, DSS

Assisted in planning the overall software development work of our section as part of the section management team. Planned, monitored and controlled software development specific to my team using tools such as Primavera. Attended joint analysis meetings as the section representative. Liaised with other sections during a project's life cycle.

Organised and ran team meetings. Initiated required maintenance tasks. Assigned tasks to team members. Monitored the progress of subordinates. Received and collated project status reports from team members. Communicated project status to the section management team. Supervised and trained junior team members. Organised mentoring of junior team members. Organised section functions.

Prepared Technical Specifications for overall projects and specific programs. Analysed, developed, and maintained software where necessary, liaising with users as required. Chaired and attended walk-though meetings to review specifications and programs. Prepared Link Requests, Cover Sheets, SMADS (user) documentation, and release software elements to the DSS State Computer Centres. Wrote installation and processing instructions for Computer Centre users.

Initiated a review of the standards used within the section.

Mar 1991 - Feb 1996: Programmer/Analyst, ITO2, Payment Systems, Systems Division, DSS

Analysed, developed, and maintained software (including COBOL, M204, JCL and ISPF/DMS environment elements), preparing technical specifications and walking through code as required. Analysed and solved specific system problems raised through liaison with users. Mentored and trained junior team members.

Developed ISPF/DMS dialog elements, both stand-alone and in conjunction with the Schedulers' Productivity Aid (SPA). Prepared and sent Payments software links to the state Computer Centres, including installation and processing instructions. Evaluated hardware and software in terms of functionality and performance, with a view to purchase. Advised and assisted DSS staff with specific technical problems relating to use of PC's, access to mainframes, program languages, and dialog elements.

Developed the new Y2K-compliant Payments System (1994-5), as part of a team. Specifically, provided data used to create the Project Plan; developed technical options for the new system; performed technical analyses of User Specifications and wrote Technical Specifications for new programs; wrote new programs based on Technical Specifications; reviewed Technical Specifications and programs in walk-though meetings; wrote ISPF/DMS dialog elements to create the new Payments environment; unit-tested programs and dialogs according to User Specifications.

Maintained the Direct Credit Recall System (DCRS), a M204 system. Converted the DCRS procedure file to use the Department's standard test and release environment. Discussed the Payments System with users as part of a national review; developed an implemented specific solutions to problems raised by the review. Created processing schedules for the Payments System; firstly under CA-7, then Control-M. Implemented the Payments SPA environment.

Sep 1990 - Mar 1991: Applications Programmer, ITO1, Payments Section, DSS

Maintained Payment Systems programs, JCL, and elements of the ISPF/DMS environment.

Dec 1988 - Sep 1990: Evening Supervisor, Radio Station 2MCE-FM, Bathurst

Supervised 2MCE-FM after regular office hours. Ran and monitored taped programs. Announced programs and gave time-calls, on average every half-hour. Maintained studios and cleaned recording/playback equipment. Linked to, monitored, and produced the local portions of a state-wide talk-back radio program.

Dec 1983 - Aug 1990: Program Presenter, Radio Station 2MCE-FM, Bathurst

Presented live radio shows, involving selection of material, presenting announcements, planning for and monitoring news-breaks, playing specific taped material at scheduled times.

Aug 1988 - Sep 1990: Computer Supervisor/Trainer, Computer Centre, CSU-Mitchell

Supervised users on a PC network during five External Studies courses, each of 2-3 weeks duration. Analysed user queries and provided technical advice as a trainer.

Dec 1985 - Feb 1988: Records Clerk, General Scale, Bathurst Gaol, NSW Department of Corrective Services

Maintained over 200 inmates files. Calculated release dates for inmates and updated inmates details in departmental computer system, including personal details, release dates, and court appearances. Liaised with inmates to explain and discuss calculation of sentence duration.

May 1985 - Dec 1985: Roster Assistant, Clerical Assistant, Bloomfield Hospital, NSW Department of Health

Created and maintained daily nursing roster sheets, providing staffing data for roster nurses. Created and maintained staff personnel files.

Community Activities and Service

Organised and ran a cell group as a Cell Group leader, Tuggeranong Alliance Church, 1997.
Ran Sunday School classes for pre-school children, Tuggeranong Alliance Church, 1997-99.
Managed funds for all Sunday School grades, Tuggeranong Alliance Church, 1997-98.
Treasurer for Tuggeranong Alliance Church, 1998-1999.
Maintain a personal website of over 500 pages at (it has received over 10,000 hits since Nov 96).
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