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Based on Rhylanor, this somewhat motley crew is actually an elite starmerc unit specialising in... well, at this stage, unorthodox "asset extractions". Current members include Sir Eoraokortitrikhue ("Huey"), Sir Ervmisbe ("Irving"), Sir Dakhrongkae, Sir Isaac "Ike" Anselheim, Sir Sydney Halifax, [Mick Barry's character], and Alto Basque. Attendant robots include E.R.I.C. and The Luggage. Current starships include the Eisern Faust and Nova Scotia (a Scotian Deep-class far trader), while their main vehicle is the Unresolved G-Carrier.

So, who are these guys? Where are they from? Do they have stats and history?

These are PC's from my campaign. As for history, well, they managed to destroy the Zho 40th Fleet at Fulacin (IMTU, anyway ;-), rescue Norris from an invaded Regina, retrieve zuchai crystals from a Zho-blockaded Dinom, extract elements of the 4518th Huscarles (and Norris' truedaughter) from Efate, and recover the Ottem from jumpspace somewhere between D'Ganzio and Lanth... enough so far? In case you didn't catch it, the course of the 5FW runs somewhat differently IMTU, to throw off the Players Who Know Too Much...

Currently the group is being used by Norris as a sort of investigative group he can call on (he knighted them for his rescue). They have just obtained a Letter of Marque each from Norris, a merc outfit licence for the company, and some Big GunsTM. They are still waiting on a bounty hunter licence.

Sir Eoraokortitrikhue (OEG) of Rhylanor

Huey is played by Andrew Madden (contract programmer who owns the real-world Caradoc LIC, his name for his personal contractor company). Huey is a male Aslan with a Letter of Marque.

Sir Ervmisbe (OEG) of Auitawry

Irving is played by Michael Traun (a contract programmer in Canberra). Ervmisbe is a Droyne Sport, and has a Letter of Marque.

Sir Dakhrongkae (OEG), homeworld unknown

Dakhrongkae is played by David "Gecko" Elkington, dust-collector^k^k^k surveyor's assistant at Kalgoorlie (only plays when he comes over for CANCON). Dakhrongkae has a Letter of Marque

Sir Sydney Halifax (OEG) of Glisten

Sydney is played by Noel Kelly (engineer for VideoHost in Canberra and owner of the real-world Carrock LIC). Sydney is a merchant, and his ship is the Nova Scotia, a prototype Scotian Deep-class "deep" trader (jump-3). Externally, the ship looks visually identical to a Type-R subsidised merchant. Sydney has a Letter of Marque.

Sir Alto Basque of Smoug

The only "real" (ie. hereditary) noble in the group, Alto is a male human played by Michael Hughes. He has a yacht, but doesn't know where it is. Fortunately for him, he is a TAS member. Alto has a Medical Kit.


We also have a Vargr pirate (played by Mick Barry in one game), and a gung-ho ex-Marine played by Lothar Dienar (formerly at Defence, now at HIC). Two NPC's round out the group: Sir Isaac Anselheim, ex-SPA Director (Liaison-3) and Vanessa Edamar (Broker-4).

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