Filks - Down and Desperate on Efate

Last Updated 28 October 2003.

1999 #1537

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 12:03:55 -0800 (PST)
From: Glenn Goffin
Subject: Re: Wild Geese, a mercenary ticket

>From: Black ICE

>(On the subject of Warren Zevon and mercenary activities, there's also "Lawyers, Guns, and Money",

I've always wanted to run an adventure based on this song. My idea is that the song is the text of a message that a noble's son has sent him, and the noble is the PCs' patron.

It might go like this, as long as you pronounce Efate "eff art ee", like the Polynesian island.

Well I went home with a waitress
the way I always do
how was I to know
she was Ine Givar too?

I was gambling on Efate
I took a little risk
Now I'm between a rock and a hard place
and I'm down on my luck
just a little down on my luck

Send lawyers guns and money
Dad get me out of this

There are armies on Efate
These are desperate men
Gonna kick those psikies' asses
Like they did in 1110

Hey! send lawyers guns and money
Da-ad – get me out of this one

– Glenn

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