The Best of the Traveller Mailing List (TML)

Last Updated 16 February 2011.

I first subscribed to the Traveller Mailing List (TML) in early 1995. Apart from a few brief absences, I have been part of this community since that time. I have witnessed some of the bleak times, some of the fascinating debates, and some of the wonderful contributions made over the years by members of this list.

There are many recurring phenomena on this list. Some of these are outlined in the TML FAQ, such as those topics That Shall Not Be Mentioned, or Those People Who Shall Not Be Named. Other phenomena are not so inflammable, although they can be disconcerting, especially to their contributors. Long time list members have dubbed one of these The TML Black Hole of QualityTM. This is where an author contributes an outstanding idea - as a person casts a pebble into a pond - and it vanishes into the general discussion without so much as a ripple on the surface of the TML.

As I myself have been guilty of snaffling these ideas without so much as a nod in the direction of the authors, I hope that this section can change at least some of that. Here are the articles I have filched from the list over the years, and you can consider them to be my opinion as to the Best of the Traveller Mailing List (TML).


  1. Amber Zone
  2. Background
  3. The Bestiary
  4. Casual Encounter
  5. Character Generation
  6. Contact!
  7. Copyright Issues
  8. Best of the TML: Design Rules
    1. Design Rules (General)
    2. Design Rules (CT)
    3. Design Rules (HG)
    4. Design Rules (MT)
    5. Design Rules (TNE)
  9. Discussion
    1. Discussion (General)
    2. Discussion (CT)
    3. Discussion (MT)
    4. Discussion (TNE)
    5. Discussion (T4)
    6. Discussion (GT)
    7. Discussion (T20)
  10. Fiction
  11. Filks
  12. GDW History
  13. Humour
  14. Library Data
  15. Misc
  16. Otherworlds
  17. References
  18. Ref's Notes
  19. Reviews
  20. RICE Papers
  21. Robots
  22. Rules
    1. Rules (General)
    2. Rules (CT)
    3. Rules (MT)
    4. Rules (TNE)
    5. Rules (T4)
    6. Rules (GT)
    7. Rules (T20)
    8. Rules (Variant)
  23. Ship's Locker
    1. Ship's Locker (General)
    2. Ship's Locker (CT)
    3. Ship's Locker (MT)
    4. Ship's Locker (TNE)
    5. Ship's Locker (T4)
    6. Ship's Locker (GT)
    7. Ship's Locker (T20)
  24. Software
  25. Starship Weapons
  26. Starships
    1. Starships (General)
    2. Starships (CT)
    3. Starships (HG)
    4. Starships (MT)
    5. Starships (TNE)
    6. Starships (FFS1)
    7. Starships (FFS2)
    8. Starships (QSDS)
    9. Starships (SSDS)
    10. Starships (T4)
    11. Starships (GT)
    12. Starships (T20)
  27. Vale
  28. Vehicles
    1. Vehicles (General)
    2. Vehicles (CT)
    3. Vehicles (Striker)
    4. Vehicles (MT)
    5. Vehicles (TNE)
    6. Vehicles (T4)
    7. Vehicles (GT)
    8. Vehicles (T20)
  29. Weapons
    1. Weapons (General)
    2. Weapons (CT)
    3. Weapons (Striker)
    4. Weapons (MT)
    5. Weapons (TNE)
    6. Weapons (T4)
    7. Weapons (GT)
    8. Weapons (T20)

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