Last Updated 16 October 2000.

What's in a Name?

At 09:56:30, Oct 11, 2000, James Maliszewski ( wrote:
> However, I don't really like most of the names in the sector and would
> really like to change some of them. Any objections to that?

Scene: Regis High Port, just inside the XT line.

"Hi! Is this the tourist information booth for the Regis system?"

"Oh boy. The first bit of advice I have for you is to not call this world Regis when it's proper name is Corsillia."

"Corsillia? What are you talking about? My TNS vacation guide and high passage voucher clearly lists this system as Regis. I am in 0436/Dephi, right?"

"Yes. You are in 0436/Delphi. The IISS clearly has Regis listed as our world's name, but it's wrong."


"Yes. When Corsillia was first... introduced to the Imperium, there was a man known as Enri Colver who was in charge of scouting out our entire world. Like a typical Sylean, he didn't quite get along with Corsillian culture. After a long and fruitless survey, which consisted of mostly making up data instead of utilizing the research data that had been on this world since it was colonized during the First Imperium, he decided to enter into his official report that our system was named after his favorite game show host. Because of the vast size of the Imperial bureaucracy, despite us trying to remove that name for nearly a thousand years, we still get visitors with ticket stubs for the planet Regis. Wherever that is."

"Hey! I'll have you know that I'm Sylean!"

"Well... I advise you to stay close to the XT line. Have a pleasant stay on Corsillia."

Keith Johnson

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