Last Updated 20 October 2000.

This site is dedicated to the Delphi Project; that is, the development of the Delphi Sector by members of JTAS.

You are the Counter off-lineth traveller to visit here since 16 October 2000.

Project Team

Project Co-ordinator James Maliszewski
Freelance Writer, Traveller Fan, click for website.
Will function as general editor and continuity guy.
1st Assistant Co-ordinator,
Keeper of the Canon
Christopher Schroeder?? (was: To be selected).
2nd Assistant Co-ordinator To be selected.
Lord High Astrographer,
Keeper of the UWPs
Anthony Jackson. Creates sector data, based on canonical sources but altered to make more sense in the light of new rulesets.
Lord High Cartographer Garrett Roberts. Creates maps of the sector, including x-boat and trade routes.
Chief Historian Hans Rancke-Madsen??. Researches TNS articles and sector history - ie. published canon.
Head of Delphi Sector Office of the Imperial Spaceship Design and Registration Authority (ISDRA) John B Mee. Co-ordinates spaceship and starship design issues, in as far as they affect Delphi.

Other Sites

Robert Knop's Delphi Site (requires authorisation, presumably from Robert Knop)

Christopher Schroeder's Canon Site

Anthony Jackson's New Delphi Map

Thomas Bont's Maps

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