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Last Updated 16 October 2000.

Boring, but a place to start.

Subsector A (Kirkankhim)
35 worlds, highest TL is C on 0505 Dreyfuss, highest population 70
billion on 0605 Ader.  The largest TL 9+ world is 0607 Walters at 40
million.  The subsector is apparently quite underdeveloped.  Subsector
capital is anyone's guess, probably Dreyfus or 0706 Everglades.

Subsector B (Tsent)
41 worlds, highest TL is G on 1405 Ainu, highest population is 40
billion on 1009 Ursalem.  With Ursalem's deliberate withdrawal from
the interstellar community (port-D), politics in the subsector is
dominated by 1103 Tsent and 0904 Kamikir.  The twin research stations
on Ainu and 1602 April Dawn are also worthy of note (hm...both pop-4
vacuum worlds with government type 3, class-A starports, and only a
few parsecs apart.  They are probably connected.  They could be
shipbuilding facilities instead).  Subsector capital is Tsent.

Subsector C (Dighirpi)
14 worlds, highest TL is G on 2110 Navajo, highest population 8
billion on 1801 Dishiirpi.   A very sparsely populated subsector. 
Capital is possibly on 1707 Keltus, but might be governed from
subsector B.

Subsector D (Forlorn)
5 worlds, highest TL is B on 3207 Wulfrith, highest population 9
million on 3204 Steuenson.  No imperial worlds, no subsector capital.

Subsector E (Zukhumi)
38 worlds, highest TL is E on 0714 Heine and 0814 Alpheratz, highest
population is 3 billion on 0313 Zukhimi.  Subsector capital Zukhimi.
The subsector is not an economic powerhouse, but has decent 
shipbuilding facilities and is probably relatively connected.

Subsector F (Rifts Reach)
15 worlds, highest TL is D on 1019 Zzurvurh, highest population is
80 billion on Zzurvurh, which is probably also the subsector capital.
99% of the population of this subsector is on a single world, which is
apparently relatively uninterested in its neighbors (port-C)

Subsector G (Rayoci'Ailr)
6 worlds, highest TL is E on 2011 Yugoslav, highest population is 70
million on 1716 Watton.  Probably governed from another subsector,
either C or G.

Subsector H (Tolanada)
5 worlds, highest TL is D on 2813 Vermillion, highest population is 8
billion on 2612 Tolananda.  Capital presumably on Tolanandra.

Subsector I (Aklan)
36 worlds, highest TL is F on 0723 Drinishok and 0823 Herodotus,
highest population is 70 billion on 0422 Dunk; subsector capital
is 0329 Aklan, though 0623 Ychea is probably a more significant world.

Subsector J (Void)
14 worlds, highest TL is E on 1022 Gine, highest population is 5
billion on 1523 Ashisesh, subsector capital is probably Gine or 0925

Subsector K (Anaxias)
8 worlds, highest TL is E on 2025 Sian, highest population is 90
billion on 1724 Anaxias.  Anaxias is the largest world in the sector,
with a TL of D and a class-A starport, and may be the sector capital.

Subsector L (Eduum)
8 worlds, highest TL is B on 2630 Robynson, highest population is 600
million on the redzoned world of Haiji.  There are only two imperial
worlds in this subsector, which are probably governed from subsector K

Subsector M (Etu-Gu)
29 worlds, highest TL is F on 0732 Vashtii, highest population is 9
billion on 0836 Wovim.  Subsector capital is probably 0739
Altsuulervin, though the name suggests 0534 Etu-Gu.  There are only
3 high-pop worlds in the subsector, and the best port among them is
class-D, so trade is probably not active in this area.

Subsector N (Riramla)
32 worlds, highest TL is F on 1036 Belthan, highest population is 70
billion on 1536 Cabot (which has 97% of the population of the
subsector).  As Cabot is deliberately withdrawn from trade (port-D),
the subsector capital is on Belthan.

Subsector O (Zuma)
26 worlds, highest TL is D on 1935 Anise, highest population is 30
billion on Anise, which has 89% of the total subsector population.
As the high-pop worlds are once again withdrawn from trade (port-D
on Anise, port-E on 1736 Gimesh) trade is minimal in the sector; the
imperial subsector capital is on 1737 Todd.

Subsector P (Breda)
33 worlds, highest TL is D on 2937 Dougal, 3037 Horshard, and 3138
Dami, highest population is 8 billion on 3035 Breda.  There is only
one imperial world in the subsector, and no capital.

Anthony Jackson

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