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Last Updated 16 October 2000.

Capital/Core                 001-1118

Today the IISS announced the establishment of a Class V Survey of the Delphi Sector.

"We are proud to announce this re-survey of an important sector. In our opinion it has been long overdue", said an IISS spokesman.

Imperial commentators are of the opinion that this is part of the Emperor's strategy to rekindle support for the Iridium Throne.

Sources close to Duchess Margaret report she appears pleased with the news.



I rather like that, although I'd remove the bit about support for the Iridium Throne. Geographical surveys aren't done for public support, but for governmental reasons -- defence, updating tax bases, that kind of thing.

Robert Prior

Capital/Core                  003-1118

IISS officials are denying the rumor that the Class V Survey of the Delphi Sector is to cover up a bureaucratic mistake.

Sources close to the IISS have told the TNS that the new survey was due to a junior programmer accidently deleting all of the records after upgrading the Delphi IISS central computer's operating system. According to these sources, the Delphi Survey data was transfered onto an cheaply made optical chip. After the system was formatted, the data on the chip was found to be corrupted and unusable.

"I always told them that they shouldn't keep detailed survey data in one place without a copy. Now who is laughing? Huh?" said Enri Melloncamp. Mr. Melloncamp is a former employee who worked in the Delphi data processing branch of the IISS.

"The only data that is corrupted is Mr Melloncamp's facts." said Bart Izzomi, the spokesman for Delphi IISS headquarters. "He is a perfect example why we don't rotate X-Boat pilots into data processing anymore."

When asked about the source for IISS optical chips, Mr. Izzomi had no comment.

Despite the reasons, the new sector wide survey is scheduled to start as soon as possible.

Keith Johnson


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