Lone Scout Enterprises

Last Updated 3 October 2000.

Company Background

Lone Scout Enterprises was founded on 001-1100 by ex-Scout Mikhail Bayden-Powell, who remains its owner and chairman.

LSE is the primary shipbuilder on Tavonni (Vilis/Spinward Marches 1520), specialising in custom-made or customised starships. Its yards double as the repair and maintenance facilities for Beowulf Down Starport. LSE is one of the prime job providers on-planet, employing more people than normal for a population the size of Tavonni. Its workforce can build and/or repair up to 5000 tons of ships simultaneously (more in war).

The ships crafted by LSE are specifically marketed to megacorporate executives. Indeed, it is no coincidence that LSE presents its open days (marketed as Starship Showcases) at the same time as the larger corporate conferences on Tavonni. With executives arriving from across the Marches, LSE is in the fortunate position of having its primary target market come to its home base.

To the discerning buyer, LSE offers something a little different.


Lone Scout Enterprises built its reputation on one unique design:

LSE also acts as a factor for a number of off-world shipbuilders. These include:

Naturally, LSE is able to build all the standard Imperial designs, such as the following:

Additional Imperial designs include:

Finally, LSE has expanded to be able to offer a limited number of designs catering to non-humans. The first of these is:

Final Notes

The existence of a shipbuilding facility would normally make Beowulf Down a class-A facility. However, while LSE can build hulls (and include jump grids), it does not yet have a facility to fabricate jump drives. Drives are built off-world and shipped to Tavonni, generally via the Al Morai merchant line.

LSE regrets it is not yet able to offer designs from Ling-Standard Products. However, their regional headquarters at Lunion (Lunion/Spinward Marches 2124) can supply such craft. See Tavonni Ticketing for passenger schedules and the latest travel prices.

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