Golden Wanderer-class Merchant Cruiser (HG)

Last Updated 3 October 2000.

Ship's Data

Date of Preparation: 149-1102      Ship Name: Golden Wanderer
                      JMP   ASMN R LE MM
Merchant Cruiser CM-51346E2-040000-44004-0 MCr 432.3 500 Tons
   batteries bearing    (5)  1     11  1             Crew = 11
     total batteries         1     11  1             TL = 13
Passengers=10. Low=12. Cargo=61. Fuel=180. EP=30. Agility=4. Troops=0.
500 tons (standard). 7,000 cubic metres.
Pilot, navigator, 4 engineers, 1 medic, 4 gunners.
Jump-3. 4-G. Power Plant-6. 30 EP. Agility 4.
Model 5/fib computer.
5 hardpoints.
1 triple beam laser turret organised into 1 battery.
2 triple missile turrets organised into 1 battery.
1 dual fusion gun turret organised into 1 battery.
1 triple sandcaster turret organised into 1 battery.
1 x 8T G-Carrier.
Fuel Treatment:
On-board fuel scoops and fuel purification plant.
MCr432.3 (non-standard design).
Construction Time:
20 months (without speed-up payments).
The Golden Wanderer was designed and built Mikhail Baden-Powell, owner of Lone Scout Enterprises. This was the first vessel designed by Baden-Powell, and in some respects it shows. The vessel is designated as a merchant cruiser, but in reality saw service more as a sort-of "merchant yacht". It looks like a cross-between the Serpent-class scout/courier and the more familiar Type-S.
The vessel does not have enough cargo space for its size to fulfil the straight merchant role or even break even. Later design changes resulted in the more economic Wanderer-class of merchant vessels, upon which Lone Scout Enterprises made its reputation.
The vessel is built at the average Imperial tech level (TL 13), designed to be more readily repairable than a TL 15 craft.
Internally, the ship is a fairly conventional design, apart from the transparent plasteel walkway that connects the forward and aft sections of the Upper Deck. While in jump, the external view of jumpspace is masked by a holographic projection. The ship's only carried craft, an 8-ton G-Carrier, is located at the rear of the Upper Deck.

Profile and Deckplans

Profile Profile and Elevation Views, large (324 Kb)
Profile and Elevation Views, small (87 Kb)
Decks 1 and 3 Decks 1 & 3, large (327 Kb)
Decks 1 & 3, small (171 Kb)
Deck 2 Deck 2, large (393 Kb)
Deck 2, small (204 Kb)

High Guard Worksheet

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