"First In" Mug Shot

Last Updated 6 March 2007.

Here is a picture of a unique, one-off mug from CafePress:

First In Mug Shot

I had asked Jesse DeGraff for permission to put one of his pics on a mug, just for me, as a Fathers' Day present from my kids (yes, September 2006, last year!).

After finding out I had somehow lost my copy of Jesse's "First In" pic (unforgivable! ;-) I eventually found it on Jesse's site. A bit of reading how to create my own section of CafePress, a bit of judicious resizing, and voila! I had ordered my very first CafePress item.

Ten days later, I finally received my (very late! ;-) Fathers' Day gift! Yay!! (Thanks, Jesse!!!)

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