Scenarios for Police and MoJ characters

Last Updated 8 February 2005.

The following published articles are relevant both to Police Characters for MegaTraveller and Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Characters for MegaTraveller:

Published Source Title Type
Challenge 29 "Homeworld" Chargen
Challenge 34 "IRIS Characters" Chargen
Challenge 35 "Spice of Life"
Challenge 45 "Toll Road" Scenario
Challenge 49 "The Dam" Scenario
Challenge 50 "No Time To Rest" Scenario
Challenge 57 "Shellgame" Scenario
Challenge 64 "Unholier Than Thou" Scenario
Challenge 67 "Outback Search & Rescue" Scenario
Challenge 78 "Babysitters" (Merc: 2000, modify) Scenario
Chronicle 5 "Imperial Fragments" Casual Encounter (criminal)
Digest 4 "Law Enforcers" Ref's Notes
Digest 21 "Pirates of Tetrini" Scenario
MegaTraveller Journal #1 "The Wardn Enigma" Scenario
MegaTraveller Journal #2 "Defying The Wolf" Scenario

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