FarFuture FAQ: Library Data at Beowulf Down - 9 Mar 1998

Last Updated 29 October 2000.


I have studied the issue of copyright on the web for a few years now (well, it's more of a casual hobby than a study, these days... ;-), which explains why my site contains a few publishers' letters concerning the topic.

I grew concerned about my Library Data web site, as it did not appear to be covered by the "Fair Use" policy as outlined by Marc. It is, after all, a reprint of the Library Data from many different sources, including virtually all of the two Library Data supplements.

Accordingly, I queried Marc directly about this material, and this is the email he sent to me. I am publishing this simply to acknowledge the copyright that FarFuture Enterprises has over the majority of the text in the site.

An Email Conversation Over Copyright

>In a message dated 9/3/98 9:49:51 PM Central Daylight Time, David.D.Jaques- Watson@centrelink.gov.au writes:
>QUESTIONS AND REQUESTS [Interrogation-1 (Serves As Interview-0)]
>1. Can you confirm who owns reprinting copyright over the text?
> (I assume it's you)

**** Yes, I own the reprinting copyright.

>2. Can you confirm who has reprinting copyright over
>previously-published pictures?
> (I assume it's you and the artist, jointly)

Actually, the art that was in Traveller (as published by GDW) is also held by me.

>3. May I have your permission to continue making my Library Data site available on the Internet?

Yes. Permission granted.

>4. If yes, is the disclaimer above strong enough, or is further "legalese" required?

Actually, your disclaimer above is almost exactly "party line." You did a good job.

>5. May I have confirmation of Theo's status?

Yes, Theo has the status he says he has. I just spoke with him today.

Marc Miller

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