Glenn Grant's Illustrations

Last Updated 19 February 2001.

A couple of new artists are doing great things illustrating the Traveller universe. One of these is Glenn Grant. I asked him whether his Far Trader illustrations were titled, and I have published his responses - and additional comments! - below.

Far Trader

"Outpost" (pg 9)
A Far Trader landing near a frontier outpost, with jubilant space-suited figures. The suggestion being that ships from outsystem are extremely rare here.
"Cargo Drop" (pg 9)
Far Trader on the tarmac, with Vargr crane operator accidentally dropping crates.
"Robots" (pg 19)
Crazy Liaashi's Used Robots
"Lost" (pg 34)
Two Travellers with map, arguing over which way to go in maze-like low-tech city.
"Arms Fair" (pg 42)
K'kree arms dealer with various firearms.
"Paperwork" (pg 53)
Trader captain in cramped quarters piled high with paperwork.
"Crew Lounge" (pg 66)
The common area of a trader, full of bored, cranky crewmembers, in mid-Jump. The Vargr and crewman are playing some kind of 3D strategy game (Gheta?). The "movie" on the big screen is actually one of my illustrations for Star Mercs.
"Bar Fight" (pg 84)
Two-fisted action, flying beermugs and all.
"Hand Warmers" (pg 121)
Customs inspector and Captain opening cargo container full of, uh, "Hand Warmers"...
"Dead Meat" (pg 123)
Stupid butcher offering a freshly killed duck to a Kkree. Note the four-legged chicken on the chopping block.
"Hijacking" (where?)
Trader captain with pistol, reacting to security alert on monitor (I was watching the film "Naked" on TV while I drew this, and the Captain is loosely based on British actor David Thewliss -- who is utterly brilliant in the film. Not that it has *anything* to do with the illustration...)
"Biohazard" (where?)
K'kree with leaking cargo containers marked with biohazard symbols.

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