The Concordat Novels of Jefferson P. Swycaffer

Last Updated 1 August 2002.

Just before we start, here's the semi-official page of Jefferson P. Swycaffer, and here's a photo.

Going through my old mail, I found a thread from the Traveller Mailing List back in November 1999 dealing with "Traveller-like" fiction.

Boris Cibic commented:

"I know this is an old thread but it always surprises me that all the old-timers always ignore Jefferson P. Swycaffer's two Concordat trilogies. These were directly inspired by [Classic] Traveller and contain some good story leads which were taken directly from his Traveller campaign. His female characters are coming across as strong and credible which is surprising for the time that he was writing in. These trilogies ought to be available in any good used SF bookstore or online."

[snip list]

"I have also often wondered if Paul Brunelle is the pen name of JPS. He is a really phenomenal writer who also wrote some short Traveller-inspired fiction for Dragon. So check it out!"
(CIBIC, Boris, "Traveller-like fiction", Traveller Mailing List, USA, 22 Nov 1999.)

Boris included a list of novels, and where possible I have included other comments:

You may also be interested to know that he is the author of a number of Traveller articles in Dragon magazine:

He also authored "Approaches to Sci-Fi Gaming" in Adventure Gaming #5, November 1981.

Magazine references were found with thanks to Barry Osser's "Traveller Articles List".

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