CANON PROBLEM 1: Jump Torpedoes

Last Updated 23 February 2005.

The Problem

Are jump torpedoes allowed by canon?


R1: Leviathan's jump torpedoes
Adventure 4: Leviathan uses jump torpedoes to send messages back to the Leviathan's base. Leviathan was written by the UK-based Games Workshop, and published by GDW.
R2: Rulesets
Book 2: Starships does/does not explicitly allow sub-100 jumps [LOOK THIS UP!]
Book 4: High Guard (version 2) sets a minimum starship displacement at 100 tons (page ??)
MegaTraveller Referee's Manual sets the minimum starship displacement at 100 tons.
TNE Manual...
Fire, Fusion & Steel (version 1) does not set a minimum tonnage for jump.
Brilliant Lances...
QSDS does/does not explicitly allow sub-100 jumps [LOOK THIS UP!]
SSDS does/does not explicitly allow sub-100 jumps [LOOK THIS UP!]
R3: RSB's jump-boats
The Regency Sourcebook contains a jump-boat: a jump-capable ship's boat used in the XWeb.

Discussion Points

D1: Do you really want to allow small craft to jump?
D2: Effect on commo links
D3: Xboats are 100 tons: was this for a reason?
D4: Jump-capable lifeboats
D5: Do you want a Star Wars/Star Trek universe with jump-capable fighters? Would this change the flavour of the game?
D6: Was the jump-boat created simply to make the cost of the XWeb more tenable?
D7: There are only a very few references to sub-100t jump-capable craft; this could be readily "explained" by saying they are high-tech, cost-ineffective (in most cases), and thus rare.


S1: "Not in MY Traveller Universe!"
Disallow sub-100t jumpcraft completely. This means ignoring both Leviathan and the RSB.
S2: "The Moon's A Balloon"
Explain that the Leviathan's jump torps deploy an expandable structure that fills out to 100t displacement before initiating jump; this allows such craft as "jump lifeboats" carrying emergency low berths;
S3: "Clarke's Law"
Allow sub-100t jumps at TL 16. This is the simplest and most elegent solution - the Leviathan's j-torps are therefore experimental technology supplied by Glisten, the Regency's jump-boats are cutting-edge tech developed during the cross-fertilisation of ideas between HRD/Deneb and the Darrians. The only canon change is to raise the TL of the jump drives installed on the jump-boats to TL 16.

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